Real Estate in India is one of the most non-transparent, unorganised, unstructured, and unfriendly asset class for both end users and investors. Either due to the information distortion or inappropriate practices by current market players, entering into property transactions is tough, stressful and complex and often end in wrong or sub-optimal decisions.

At LEAD FIRE, we intend to change this complexity in favor of and in partnership with our customers. We are putting the focus back on customers, rather than the property, and transform the way they research, progress to making best-fit property decisions and get support services throughout their ownership journey. Thus, the endeavour at LEAD FIRE is to solve the jigsaw puzzle and achieve customer delight.

Our services include:

At LEAD FIRE, we endeavour to bring transparency, financial ownership and knowledge capital in mortgage decisions concerning the assets thereby opening up more possibilities and helping customers get the best deals for their investments.

Customer Hand holding:

We endeavour to be our client’s trusted advocates and stewards offering multiple across the spectrum services, ranging from property advisory & identification to handholding the client till the last stage of the property purchase cycle in a hassle-free manner. Customer interest comes first in anything and everything we do. Our intent is to offer a clear, simple, transparent and obligation free, step by step investment process designed to suit our individual property investors.

Financial Services: 

We partner with a lot of leading financial service providers who have experts which can guide potential investors and customers on various investment services, opportunities and financial plans. We also support potential buyers with loan services through our partners. Our partners are recognized across the industry for their expert knowledge, integrity and high level of accomplishment.