Health Safety & Well-being

Health, safety and wellbeing is not about stopping you do things – it is about preventing people being hurt at work, at schools, on the roads, at malls – almost everywhere.

At LEAD FIRE we analyse the daily routine of the employees, the school children, the workers and deep dive into what they do and then try to come up with sensible, workable precautions which enable them to do what they want to do without injuring themselves or anybody else.

We believe in “Keeping It Short and Simple” as far as possible because we believe that shelves full of manuals do not stop accidents – rather – straight forward processes and hands on training, where people understand what is expected of them –  is what stops accidents. We have partnered with a leading healthcare company that follows International standards, policies, protocols, and quality assurance guidelines.

Our services include:

Health & Safety Audits and Assessments

A Safety audit is a great way to establish where the client is at present – on safety standards, or whether employees are observing health and safety practises at work or if the students are safe at schools and Institutions. Periodical health and safety audits are an effective way of monitoring the safety performance of the business or Institution and observing what is really happening in the work place. Risk assessments are similar but evaluate the client’s premises in terms of hazards to people, practices and property.

Health & Safety Training

Our Health and Safety Trainings are customised as per the needs and requirements of the client. We share our analysis after the audit and suggest areas where these trainings should be done and how they will help improve the health, Safety and wellbeing of employees, students or workers.

The training content is thus customised as per the agreed plan of action and more emphasis is given on practical training with demonstrations and trials for the audience with the use of dummies and the equipment. We believe that more the hands on training the employees or students are given the more confident they will become and more would be the probability for them to be safe and secure and look after others as well.

The programs we undertake include:

  • CPR & AED workshops
  • Disaster management workshops – Fire and Earthquake
  • Fire safety workshops
  • Health, safety and lifesaving workshops for corporate employees, students, health care professionals and workers.
  • Emergency Response and First responder workshops
  • Emergency preparedness solutions
  • Self-defence workshops for women
  • Health related camps – Nutrition, diet planning and obesity, Gynaecology and general health.

We also provide:

  • Fixed and mobile clinics with Doctor and para medics
  • Telemedicine services
  • Critical care ambulance services
  • Health and logistics services
  • Emergency response center
  • Emergency assistance during disaster, critical illness, or civil unrest.

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